Our Guidelines

The Fachschule Himmelkron is a diaconal facility and is comitted to Christian and humanistisc principles. This means to serve the protection of life and to practice solidarity with people in need and people from the brink of society.

Every student who identifies himself with these principles is welcome at our school.

We want to realize the following principles in our institution:

Principle 1

We support our students to take over responsibility for themselves, their learning community and for society.

Learning together is only possible on the basis of joint responsibilty of teachers and students and the active participation of the students.

Our school wants to be a place for this experience and the exchange of ideas.

 Principle 2

In our educational facilities we maintain a culture of togetherness which fosters enjoyment of life.

In our encounter with students we value awareness and humour.

We want to cultivate this climate through projects commonly realised by teachers and students.

Principle 3

In our facilities we want to meet each other with respect and positive regard.

We differentiate between school grades and the value of a person.

Every student is a unique individual and valuable in his distinct personality.

Principle 4

We respect people of all countries, cultures and religions and welcome them in our facilities.

Country-specific customs and traditions are part of our common learning. We regard them as an enlargement of our mutual cultural understanding.

Our participation in European exchange programs offers the opportunity to get international experiences.

Principle 5

We value good manners and try to further  and strengthen them by being good role-models.

We see politeness and courtesy as an expression of appreciation of other people.

In the practical part of the training we emphasize the function of our students as role models.

The training offers possibilities to learn to know own behavioral patterns and to modify them.

Principle 6

It is important for us to nurture an appropriate kind of self esteem of our students.

Self esteem is fostered in lessons and practical projects by evaluation and showing possibilities of further development to the student. Apart from this we respect and value the student as an individual. Hereby we our focus lies on strengths of our students which empasizes the abilities and potentials of them.

Principle 7

We help our students to gain a maximum of independence.

By applying stimulation as well as challenging teaching methods we strive to realise greatest possible autonomy and responsibilty in the characters our students.

We accept the mistakes made on the way to autonomy and appreciate them as an important part of the learning process.

Principle 8

We see our school as an educational facility which brings forward the ability to work as part of a team.

In our teaching methods we put emphasis on cooperative methods of learning.

The capacity for teamwork is realised and furthered by cooperative planning, organising the organisation of feasts, workshops and projects and the evaluation of this work.

The students practise giving appreciative feedback and develop critical faculty and a constructive assessment of thmselves and others.

Principle 9

The development of social competences is an important aim of the training.

Being integrated in social stuctures at school enables our students to get into contact with others.

During class session, in breaks, in projects, at feasts and on class trips our training offers a great range of possibilities to practise social beahviour. We put great emphasis on punctuality, reliable participation in courses, and on polite behaviour as well as a proper way of expression.

Principle 10

In our Fachschule we convey profound knowlege and skills.

The teaching staff at the Fachschule Himmelkron is composed interdisciplinarily and consists of longstanding professionals working with a great sense of engagement. Professional competence is guaranteed and expanded by participation in various training courses.

Principle 11

We promote a school life that gets its bearings Christian principles.

The school year beginns with a Christian service and cloes with one as well, in which students have the chance to play an active role.

Throughout the school year we practise different ceremonies of the church year and offer prayer service at the beginnung of a week.

Principle 12

Each teacher is a student and each student a teacher. Education is no one-way process but enriches students as well as teachers.

Each student of our Fachschule brings with him his individual experiences. We gladely integrate these experiences in our courses and projects. We understand this mutual way of learning as an essential aspect of adult education at our school.

Our teaching concept contains lecturing and dialogues with our students in balanced proportions.


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