General education

Deutsch (German)

Deutsch (German)

In the subject German the language skills of the students are trained.

In your further career you may have to perform leadership tasks, instruct collegues and work in interdisciplinary teams.
Therefore you learn to explain and argue convincingly and conclusively in German. You will prepare presentations and learn to assert your views in a discussion.

Since you can acquire the degree of Fachhochschulreife (Advanved Vocational Certificate of Education) in the Heilerziehungspflege training, we also train the ability to grasp, analyze and evaluate complex issues, texts and documents.

Last but not least, the curriculum also provides he ability to deal with literary texts for the purposes of general education.

English (only in the training for assistant)

English (only in the training for assistant)

Language instruction for the acquisition of the “mittlere Schulabschlusses“ (German degree) increasingly means the provision of insights into the practical use of English language skills in private as well as in professional life.

In the training of Heilerziehungspflegehilfe the subject English has has following tasks:

• Acquire the ability to express oneself in school and in professional life in the foreign language clearly and correctly, both in written and oral form.
• The use of language as means of contact and communication in and out of school, especially in terms of a common Europe.

The subject English provides basic learning and working techniques, makes the students aware of the use a foreign language and communicates the importance of the careful use of language for everyday work and its demands on the ability to communicate.

The subject extends and deepens the knowledge and helps to an understandable and useful oral usage and writing. The subject English promotes tolerance towards other cultures.

Sozialkunde und Soziologie (Social Studies and Sociology)

Sozialkunde und Soziologie (Social Studies and Sociology)

The subject Sozialkunde (social studies) and Soziologie expands the knowledge of the students in political education and shows which structures in society are crucial for the work as Heilerziehungspfleger.

A person with special needs is part of his culture, he should be able to exercise political influence.

In Sozialkunde the curriculum covers topics as constitutional and the Human Rights as well as concepts to further equality for people with disabilities.

Sociology tries to explain how people with special needs are integrated into society and how individual groups, such as families with children with disabilities live.


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