Specific Subjects

Pädagogik, Heilpädagogik und Psychologie

Pädagogik, Heilpädagogik und Psychologie

Pedagogy, therapeutic pedagogy and psychology are the central sciences to explain and describe pedagogical thinking and acting.

Basic issues in the subject pedagogy are the description of the pedagogical relationship between people with disabilities and the Heilerziehungspfleger, as well as goals and means of assistance and support.

The person with a disability is seen as an individual, which supported and assisted in terms of self-determination so that he can participate in social life.

The students deal with the principles of healing educational action, such as self-determination, integration / inclusion and normalization; they receive strategies and explanations for dealing with people with mental disability or psychosocial abnormalities.

To understand and explain human experience and behavior is the central issue of psychology. By having an analytical perspective the Heilerziehungspfleger gains a healthy distance in his perception and a deeper understanding of those entrusted to him, so he can act in a professional way.

Recht und Verwaltung (Law and Administration)

Recht und Verwaltung (Law and Administration)

The subject Recht und Verwaltung provides both the historical aspect of the profession as well as legal, administrative, organizational and economic fundamentals of the work as Heilerziehungspfleger.

The future Heilerziehungspfleger will be able to recognize legal issues in professional work situations, to assess them properly and act appropriately.

This makes an important contribution to the development of professional competence.

The historic development of Heilerziehungspflege will be dealt with by regarding the history of the work with people with disabilites, by reflecting the actual professional image and presenting current concepts of facilities for people with handicaps.

Medizin und Psychiatrie

Medizin und Psychiatrie

In the area of medicine students will get basic knowledge of the construction and functioning of the human body as well as a glimpse into possible damages and diseases.

Future Heilerziehungspfleger should be able to perceive and interpret abnormal physical oder behavioural changes at people with or without disabilities. They are able to assess the need for action, to adjust their own nursing action to the situation and to cooperate with medical services
In the area of psychiatry and neurology there will be given an insight into the function of the nervous system, its possible disorders and into relevant research methods.

 The students get to know selected psychiatric disorders, their possible treatment as well as psychosomatic diseases.


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