Our School

Himmelkron is a picturesque village in Northern Bavaria.

The Fachschule Himmelkron offers two profssional qualifications:

  • staatlich geprüfte/n Heilerziehungspfleger/in
  • staatlich geprüfte/n Heilerziehungspflegehelfer/in

(special needs assistant, major and basic course)

Starting in school term 2012/13 students may apply for so called “Bildungsgutscheine”, wich are vouchers of the job agencies to support their education at our school.

We are the only school for “Heilerziehungspflege” (special needs assistance) in our region that also offers residential homes for students.

As professionals with background in social work as well as in nursing Heilerziehungspfleger assist people with disabilities. This includes working in a team and together with various other professions.

The tasks in this profession are:

  • assist and take care of people with mental handicaps
  • assist and guide hyperactive children or young people with behavioral disorder
  • take care of people of all ages with physical handicaps
  • assist elderly people
  • support and assist people with psychological problems


Fachschule für Heilerziehungspflege und -pflegehilfe
Langheinrichstr. 1, 95502 Himmelkron
Tel. 0 92 27 / 79-7 81 (Sekretariat), -7 89 (Fax)
E-Mail: FS-HEP-Himmelkron​ (at) ​DiakonieNeuendettelsau.de

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