History of our school

The school´s entrance

Here is a brief overview of the history of our school.

School years 2012 - today:

School year 2011/12:

With Mrs. Schulz as a new practice advisor and Ms. Reuther, Ms. Weck and Mr. Bauer as teachers our staff grows to 20 members.

This fits the school's 20th anniversary that we celebrate on November 25th. After the Christian service in the Stiftskirche dignitaries and guests are invited to visit the school.

Here they experience school that is young at heart and modern, where students and teachers work together constructively and cooperatively.

This year some of our students participate in the "Leonardo da Vinci project" again, and have the chance to attend Italian facilities for  people with special needs.

Under the leadership of Mrs. Eibl the AZWV certification of the school is accomplished, so students can apply vouchers from job agencies to our training.

The school's website gets relaunched with a new design.

School year 2013/14:


School years 2006-2011:

School year 2006/07:

As last year, the school works successfully and gains Mrs. Siebert as new teacher.

School year 2007/08:

Mrs. Hoerath comes as new teacher, Ms. Guenther and Mr. Schleicher become 
practice advisors at our school.

School year 2008/09:

The teaching staff is reinforced by Mrs. Winkler and Mrs. Roessler-Slaboch. The school intensifies its promotion. As exhibitor we take part in the "Consumenta" trade-fair in Nuremberg, followed by the participation in education fairs in Bayreuth, Forchheim, Hof, Kemnath and Marktredwitz.

Together with the teachers, our students organize the first "Wiesenfest", an integrational fair where people with and without disabilities celebrate together.

Since our principal, Ms. Rieder, becomes seriously ill, the school administration is handed-over to her longtime deputy, Mr. Banet, who becomes appointed as acting principal.

School year 2009/10:

Reverend Ms. Weisensee takes over the
teaching of religion and the pastoral care of the school.

We intensify our public relations and participate in education fairs in Kronach, Lichtenfels and Weiden.

For reasons of health Mrs. Rieder can not return back into active service. Mr. Banet is appointed official head of the school. A church service and a festive reception provide the framework for this appointment.

We establish first contacts to other European countries. Our students participate in the "Leonardo da Vinci project", which is funded by the EU. Together with two teachers they travel to Ireland and Austria for a three-week internship in social facilities.

School year 2010/11:

On November 1st in 2010 our long-term principal, Ms. Rieder, passes away. In a memorial service students and staff members say goodbye to this “woman of the first hour”.

As part of a two-day inspection by the Government of Oberfranken our school gets screened according to the latest educational standards. We get a lot of confirmation for our work and valuable input and suggestions on school organization. Also, the annual internal audit of the Diakonia confirms what we do and enriches our work.

As a new teacher Ms. Horn comes to the school and Ms. Zapf joins the team of practice advisors.

Thanks to a wireless connection our students can now browse the World Wide Web with their own computers in school. In order for them not to sit at the computer too much, a "table football" is purchased and students organize a kicker tournament right away.

We are very active in terms of public relations: first, with a regional presence in the education fair in Waldsassen, in order to make us known in the Oberpfalz. Secondly, and especially with international projects.

Thanks to our teacher Mr. Mäding, we are able to strengthen the ties to other European countries and make new contacts.
• As part of a project of the Evangelical Lutheran Church some professional students work in an institution for people with special needs in Hungary.
• Students and teachers together run European partnership projects in Poland, Romania and Cyprus.
• In cooperation with the Evangelical Lutheran Church a teacher exchange program is started. A teacher attends a Hungarian school, we are visited by a teacher of a Hungarian school.
• We create the brochure, "Get ready to move" to perform student exchanges as part of an EU project.

School years 2001-2006

School year 2001/02:

With Mrs. Gayret in the Secretariat, Mrs. Wendel in housekeeping and Mrs. Lochner as practice advisor, the school receives valuable reinforcements and is ready for the Internet age. With the connection to the World Wide Web, we are well networked internationally.

On the 08 March 2002 we celebrate our 10th anniversary with a worship service, speeches by representatives of the Diakonie Neuendettelsau and of regianal politicians, as well as a school celebration.

School year 2002/03:
Pastor Schäfer takes over the teaching of religion and pastoral care at the school, Ms. Kastner becomes practice advisor and Mr. Ogrowsky begins as English teacher.

The website of our school goes online created and cared for by webmaster Hans Gruber.

School year 2003/04:
Ms. Glock and Ms. Stauch become part of the staff as practice advisors. Reverend Weiss takes over to the religious education and the pastoral care of the school.
School year 2004/05:
The school provides for the first time a stabd-alone programm for assistance in Heilerziehungspflege, a training consisting of the basic contents of the regular programm

School year 2005/06:
The school year runs quietly and smoothly with stable enrollments.

School years 1996 – 2001:

School year 1996/97:

Mr. Gruber and Ms. Moninger become teachers at the vocational college. This school year, an additional two-year training form begins.

School year 1997/98:

Mr. Ludwig and Ms. Lechner join the teaching staff as new colleagues. The classes of two-year and three-year training are now complete for the first time now: at school, there are now five classes, slightly less than 100 students. This also applies for the school year 1998/99.

School year 1999/2000:

Ms. Gleich comes to school as a new teacher. The new curriculum of Heilerziehungspflege becomes mandatory. The school receives a set of computers to be able to offer a course in IT.

School year 2000/01:

Ms. Eibl becomes teacher at the school.

School years 1991 – 1996:

School year 1991/92:

In the summer of 1991, Ms. Rieder, by then teaching at the Fachschule für Heilerziehungspflege Neuendettelsau, becomes head of the new school in Himmelkron. Within four weeks, the design for the new school and the first staff is created. The following persons were the men and women of the first hour:
Ms. Rieder, Mr. Mäding, Ms. Dr. Roßberg, Mr. Küspert-Jungmann, Mrs. Nitzsche, Mr. Banet, Mr. Wollny, Mr. Dr. Gebhardt, Mr. Kalb und Mr. Russmann; secretary  was Ms Schmiedel.

The beginning of the school is truly a leap in the dark for all persons involved: a very busy time for those colleagues who have to prepare most of their entire teaching subjects anew, although they are supported by teachers from Neuendettelsau.

Classes begin in the form of a three-year training, the classroom of the very first course is located in Gottestreue, a home of ​​the Himmelkroner Heime, teaching also takes place in the house Elizabeth.

School year 1992/93:


Mrs. Eichhorn and Mr. Biermann come to the vocational college. The school consits of two classes now.


The students and teachers organize a carnival feast for people with disabilities. This event becomes a tradition in the following years.

School year 1993/94:

Mrs. Hartauer and Mr. Schmidt complete the staff. The school has all three classes of the three-year training form and needs more space now. It moves into the
Haus der Einkehr”,  the present school building, on 12.14.1993.

School year 1994/95:

The school receives the state recognition for being
Fachschule für Heilerziehungspflege“. Ms. Kaiser, Ms. Popp and Ms. Smith are in charge of the housekeeping in the school.

School year 1995/96:

Four new teachers come to the school: Ms. Bublik, Ms. Businger, Ms. Engelhardt and Ms. Landskron. A new curriculum for the training is released by the Bavarian Ministry of Education. Mrs. Rieder becomes member of the Curriculum Commission.

Mrs. Leikam joins the housekeeping staff.


Fachschule für Heilerziehungspflege und -pflegehilfe
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